The world is reeling under the effects of the SARS-C0V-2 virus. Countries are shutting down and people buying some items (famously toilet paper) so briskly that sections of shelves in stores are emptied as quickly as they are stocked. Explanations for what is going on range from a purposefully released bio-warfare agent to a hoax to bring people under an authoritarian government.

As followers of Christ, we have an obligation to the truth, to place our confidence in God, and to love our fellow man. This can be a trying time that can test our faith. But, that produces endurance 1. Nonetheless, in the interest of all of these, I’ve decided to compile the article and resources I’ve come across onto one page that will be updated as necessary.

Spiritual Guidance

Articles and videos about how we should respond as Christians.

Should Churches Close? Mike Winger shares some thoughts on how to approach this from a perspective that truthfully considers scripture and concern for others.

Academic Articles

This section will only have articles from research institutions and peer reviewed journals.

Imperial College – Impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) to reduce COVID-19 mortality and healthcare demand

The higher peak in mortality in GB is due to the smaller size of the country and its older population compared with the US. In total, in an unmitigated epidemic, we would predict approximately 510,000 deaths in GB and 2.2 million[emphasis added] in the US, not accounting for the potential negative effects of health systems being overwhelmed on mortality.

Counters and Statistics

This section has links to counters and statistical pages that I trust to be mostly accurate.

BNONEWS has some of the most accurate numbers in my opinion.

Here’s a nice map that will zoom into the county level for case/death county.

New York Times has a map showing all U.S. cases.

Texas DSHS COVID-19 Dashboard


  1. James 1:3

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