Sun. May 26th, 2024
Cover of Defenders of the West by Raymond Ibrahim

I am about one-third of the way through the book, “Defenders of the West: The Christian Heroes Who Stood Against Islam” by Raymond Ibrahim. I’m going through it as an audio book, which isn’t my favorite but, when you commute several hours during the week, it isn’t too bad. It’s made me realize a few things.

I’ve already come to the conclusion that, even though I’ve thought this for a while, we’ve become exceptionally soft. I had no idea of how soft until I hear the accounts of some of the battles of the crusades, from both Christian and Muslim chroniclers. Men their enemies say looked like porcupines due to the number of arrows in them who continue to fight. Men who cry to God to take their blood and their life for His glory. Some of that about one’s own king could obviously be hagiography but, I don’t think it is likely for an opposing scribe to write an idealized version their infidel enemy’s accomplishments.

The account of Ferdinand III includes two events where he was encouraged to enter battle with others who opposed/threatened him but happened to be Christian. He refused. He claimed he would never do battle with another Christian unless there was no other option. We’ve, well, some at least, have seemingly lost this ability as well. Log on to Twitter, or X, and you will find Christians gleefully attacking each other over Christian Nationalism, baptism, election, or more, all while the world burns and people who are damned to hell for all eternity are dying.

We’ve lost our way. I’ll proclaim now, I won’t fight another Christian. Some have made me wonder what is wrong with their thinking, but I’ll not fight a brother or sister in Christ. Caveat that if I think you’re a false teacher, fighting you isn’t fighting another Christian.

Finally, it has made me rethink Islam and how we approach it these days. That, however, is for another time.

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