Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

I came across this draft I had started in late January 2024. I started it because names I’ve heard for years, including Russell Moore and David French, were in on it. Those guys have been names that people at my completely normal church have trusted. I would have listened to them, oh, five years ago. Sadly, many honest believers are still as in the dark today as I was in 2019. Anyway, on to Ye Olde Draft…

If you’re a Christian and haven’t heard about Rob Riener’s film, God + Country, and the sinnanigans surrounding it, you aren’t paying attention. The film, to release soon, purports to be a documentary on the dangers of Christian Nationalism (CN).

If you don’t know, Reiner’s an avowed atheist. An enemy of God. Why would supposed Christians team up with an enemy to attack other Christians? That’s not just rhetorical, I would challenge you to answer that, out loud, to yourself.

I noted in 2020 that the growing chorus against CN seemed to be a term that would be used to attack people that hold normal CHristian values and I remain more convinced of that today. A couple of other thoughts from folks are below.

My advice is that you not watch this movie, or that you watch it with discernment, because it will offer a look at what is coming for uncompromising Christians.

EDIT: I’m glad to say that this movie was a complete failure and I pray to God that he emboldens his people and confounds the efforts of his enemies.

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