The world is reeling under the effects of the SARS-C0V-2 virus. Countries are shutting down and people buying some items (famously toilet paper) so briskly that sections of shelves in stores are emptied as quickly as they are stocked. Explanations for what is going on range from a purposefully released bio-warfare agent to a hoax to bring people under an authoritarian government.

As followers of Christ, we have an obligation to the truth, to place our confidence in God, and to love our fellow man. This can be a trying time that can test our faith. But, that produces endurance 1. Nonetheless, in the interest of all of these, I’ve decided to compile the article and resources I’ve come across onto one page that will be updated as necessary.

Spiritual Guidance

Articles and videos about how we should respond as Christians.

Should Churches Close? Mike Winger shares some thoughts on how to approach this from a perspective that truthfully considers scripture and concern for others.

Academic Articles

This section will only have articles from research institutions and peer reviewed journals.

Imperial College – Impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) to reduce COVID-19 mortality and healthcare demand

The higher peak in mortality in GB is due to the smaller size of the country and its older population compared with the US. In total, in an unmitigated epidemic, we would predict approximately 510,000 deaths in GB and 2.2 million[emphasis added] in the US, not accounting for the potential negative effects of health systems being overwhelmed on mortality.

Counters and Statistics

This section has links to counters and statistical pages that I trust to be mostly accurate.

BNONEWS has some of the most accurate numbers in my opinion.

Here’s a nice map that will zoom into the county level for case/death county.

New York Times has a map showing all U.S. cases.

Texas DSHS COVID-19 Dashboard


  1. James 1:3

The Gospel Comedy

How does the title of this post make you feel? Even knowing what I was going to write later in this post, it was uncomfortable to type those words out. It was inspired by a podcast in which I heard the phrase “The whole Gospel is really comedic…”

I was taken aback.

Are you uncomfortable? Insulted? Curious? Think about that for a second before continuing please.

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Our Little Garden

One of the things that has become apparent during the events surrounding COVID-19 is that our supply chain for everything runs like a well-oiled machine, but right on the edge. Whether it’s parts to build cars or ingredients to build a dinner, a shutdown in one part sends waves throughout the entire system.

With some foods getting more difficult to get and my general need to eat better, the wife and I decided we’d start growing a tiny bit of our own food.

Episode 1 Our Little Garden

We’ll be sharing our journey in a series of videos. I hope you’ll  join us as we go. Maybe you’ll learn something and I definitely plan to be asking questions in the videos as well for help from those with more experience.

Thank you, stay safe, and God bless.

We have a podcast

So many of our days wind down with a discussion on the patio. The topics vary based on what is going on in our lives but frequently involve religion, politics, or current events.

We put our first episode out on Spotify and briefly introduced ourselves and spent a few minutes talking about the education system. Please listen and give us feedback!

Spearmint Oil

So we got spearmint oil, among other stuff, in our November Wellness Box. I’ve been uploading the box openings. I was left a comment wondering what I was going to use the spearmint for.

Well, as most anyone my age is bound to know, growing older brings wisdom, and pains. Specifically it has brought me joint pains. Lately, I’ve had some days where my shoulder and elbows have been aching in the morning. They usually stop after a couple of hours. However, I’ve rubbed the below combination of oils on them in the morning and they stop aching almost immediately.

5 drops of carrier oil (I used jojoba oil)
3 drops spearmint oil
2 drops wintergreen oil

Personally, while there may be another brand that won’t harm you, I would use nothing other than Young Living Oils for any topical application or ingesting. Don’t be fooled into thinking that everything that says essential oil on it is the same. I was. Once. Turned out that instead of saving money, I was throwing it in the trash. I bought some at a large discount chain and diffused it about four times and got a massive headache every time. I know of others that have had the same experience.

Wait. What? Things I Didn’t Know About the Bible

I was raised in church. I’ve often joked with folks that in the church of my youth, the pastor had to push his way through the our family to get the doors unlocked. That experience formed me and gave me some connections that have lasted my lifetime.

We changed our church affiliation when I was 13.  The involvement didn’t change at all. I did the Monday evening visitation where we’d go and knock on neighborhood doors to talk to folks about Christ. I sat in Sunday School. I sat in Sunday Morning Services. I sat in Wednesday evening services. I was taught all the standard things that I assume almost every other Western Evangelical was taught.

I don’t remember anything being taught to me about the sons of God taking daughters of men as wives. I was not taught that chapter 6 in Genesis records an episode where a divinely established order was violated and resulted in the birth of part-spirit being, part-human giants (nephilim).  I wasn’t taught anything about the divine/spiritual realm other than about Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and Satan. I was certainly never taught anything that included “other gods” in any meaningful way.

For the LORD is a great God, and a great King above all gods.

Psalm 95:3

But without other gods, if they are nothing and non-existent, what is this verse saying? Is it saying the LORD is a great King above made up beings? Above nothing? Further, what do we do when the god Dagon 1 is referred to in the same manner, with the same word,  as the LORD 2?

Along with this what was left out, there were things I was warned away from. To me, apocrypha might as well have meant anathema. I came to the conclusion that these books were deceptive and had no value. They weren’t scripture, and were therefore useless. They were to be avoided and I obeyed. I remained willfully and intentionally ignorant of their content.

Maybe we should treat them like bible commentaries or Christian books written today. That was my moment. Wait. What?

That’s what started my latest journey in understanding. I’d noticed that some quotes in the New Testament didn’t have the little letter and the note referencing the scripture that was being quoted. Many did. I use my references and always try to check them. Once in a while, you find new testament writers quoting a work that existed outside of scripture. Jude:14-15 for example.

I was a bit stunned to find that some were quotes from the Book of Enoch. You know, one of those books to avoid. I ended up stumbling across this guy, Dr, Michael Heiser 3 and some of his teachings. The understanding his teachings give has helped the Bible make much more sense to me. I’d challenge you to listen to some of what he teaches.

This is longer than I intended so I’ll end it now with a summary of what he says to relieve any ideas he may be heretical:

  • The Book of Enoch is not, and should not, ever be part of the Canon;
  • God, our LORD, is a unique being and there is no other being like him;
  • God is the creator of everything, including other divine beings;
  • Jesus Christ is/was/will be God and is the sole pathway to salvation.


  1. 1 Samuel 5:7
  2. Exodus 3:18

Healthy, Frugal, and Better Than I Expected

The July 4th holiday of this year found us out camping in Copper Breaks State Park, which, incidentally, is one of only 73 International Dark Sky Parks in the world as of this writing. In July it also has the potential to be rather warm. This particular day was one of the warm ones.

One rather warm evening my wife and daughter came up with an idea. Brilliant? I hardly thought so. I figured the two of them may have been in the sun too long and should go cool off. They thought we should try to eat healthier. I am certainly good with that. After some major personal changes in life and a bout with a rather complicated health concern, I’m not exactly where I want to be weight-wise or fitness-wise. But there was more.

They wanted to do this on $100 per week. $100 per week for a family of four with two teenagers, one of whom is a teenage boy. I chuckled to myself, a little more loudly than necessary, and said, “Sure, we can try that.”

We just started the second week. The first week I ended up eating things like chicken salad, bacon and eggs, shrimp, two large tuna steaks, and plenty of other good, healthy food. The daughter seems to have taken it as something of a personal challenge when it comes to the shopping. The wife has had to cook a bit more, but that’s actually great as cooking together has been one of my favorites things to do since before we were married.

I’ve been wonderfully surprised by their shopping ability and have loved eating a more healthy selection of foods than what I have been recently. I’ll keep you updated.

“They” are Us

Paul wrote in the book of Romans about men who rejected God. God gave them over to their desires. We get a view of what such men look like. I read his description and compare them against daily headlines and can’t help but think God has given this country over to our desires.

They were filled with all manner of unrighteousness, evil, covetousness, malice. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, maliciousness. They are gossips, slanderers, haters of God, insolent, haughty, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, foolish, faithless, heartless, ruthless.

Romans 1:29-31