Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

I’m doubting the “Intelligence” part of AI right about now. I went for a little outing today and not far away I took a picture looking down on a monument currently in progress. With it being “in progress” it obviously wasn’t great for presentation, and I got the following image.

Original Image

This is a fair representation of what is there. However, it’s okay to visualize what it will look like when the grass fills in. Those patches of dirt are definitely unattractive. Perfect job for AI right? That wonderful time-saving tool everyone tells us we need to rave about.

Okay, so I give it the prompt, “Fill dirt areas with grass and leave everything else alone. The result?

Not Even Joking

This particular instance is humorous to say the least. This is the result produced by software from a massive, well-known, private sector company. That’s important because I think in general; most people accept that the private sector performs better than the public sector. It quits being humorous when you consider these results in light of the fact that, “The Pentagon is Moving Toward Letting AI Weapons Autonomously Decide to Kill Humans.

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