Healthy, Frugal, and Better Than I Expected

The July 4th holiday of this year found us out camping in Copper Breaks State Park, which, incidentally, is one of only 73 International Dark Sky Parks in the world as of this writing. In July it also has the potential to be rather warm. This particular day was one of the warm ones.

One rather warm evening my wife and daughter came up with an idea. Brilliant? I hardly thought so. I figured the two of them may have been in the sun too long and should go cool off. They thought we should try to eat healthier. I am certainly good with that. After some major personal changes in life and a bout with a rather complicated health concern, I’m not exactly where I want to be weight-wise or fitness-wise. But there was more.

They wanted to do this on $100 per week. $100 per week for a family of four with two teenagers, one of whom is a teenage boy. I chuckled to myself, a little more loudly than necessary, and said, “Sure, we can try that.”

We just started the second week. The first week I ended up eating things like chicken salad, bacon and eggs, shrimp, two large tuna steaks, and plenty of other good, healthy food. The daughter seems to have taken it as something of a personal challenge when it comes to the shopping. The wife has had to cook a bit more, but that’s actually great as cooking together has been one of my favorites things to do since before we were married.

I’ve been wonderfully surprised by their shopping ability and have loved eating a more healthy selection of foods than what I have been recently. I’ll keep you updated.

Beef Jerky

Low-carb eating goes really well with a smoker. And the two of them go great with an unexpectedly cool, still morning. That’s what I was blessed with this morning, the first time I tried my hand at smoking some jerky. Why was I doing that? I love jerky but finding any pre-made without sugar is near impossible.

While I was at it, I decided to read outside this morning. Today was Psalm 19 that starts with “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky proclaims the work of His hands.” The birds were giving some proclamation off in the distance as well. This little video sort of sums up how the whole process made me feel.

Joy of Cooking

My much better half took the kids to an evening event. After a long day at work it was nice to be in a quiet house for an hour. It was nice to spend that time cooking for the ones I love.

When they got home I was able to have chopped steaks, sweet potato fries, and green beans waiting for dinner. Healthy, made from scratch, relaxing, and delicious.

Low Carb Goodness

I have been, shall we say, less than dedicated to eating healthy for a while. That is as a result of a poor reaction to some major stressors in my life.

I’m glad to say that I have started back. I don’t know why I ever quit when eating a meal like this on the patio with my wife is part of healthy eating!