Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

I shared early last month that we were joining the carnivore diet for a month. I claimed myself to be stoked, and I was. Eating meat is great. I was however, shocked to find myself a couple of weeks into it and thinking, man, I need to eat a lettuce leaf or something. Whew!

My wife maintained a more animal based diet than I did. I moved to something that would probably fit the ketovore description on this site more than anything. I’m also not incredibly strict. I was blessed by God not to have a tendency to be addicted to carbs so I might take a bite of a cake or eat one French fry every now and then. However, I do tend overall to have a way of eating that is low-carb and heavy on animal-based foods.

Why is this important? My doctor chided me for my cholesterol numbers in the first part of this past December. Apparently 294 is considered to be high. However, I am not going to take statins. Given that the majority of your brain is cholesterol, that they are linked with increased chance of diabetes, higher risks of stroke, as well as muscle/joint pain… I ain’t doing it.

In fact, in a recent study available on the NIH Public Access site, researchers showed that in the elderly, the best memory function was observed in those with the highest levels of cholesterol. Low cholesterol is associated with an increased risk for depression and even death.

Dr. David Perlmutter

I already knew that my weight of 264 pounds on that early December morning was too high. I told him I was just going to lose some weight and that number would come down. Our conversation made me think his experience with 50+ year old males has seen this statement of intent not hold true  too many times. Something about, “we’ll see if you can make lifestyle changes…”

My response? “Bet!” I’m thinking I kind of committed myself. 😂

So, again not being too strict works for me. I don’t weigh daily. Maybe just a few times a week. I weighed two days ago and weight was down to 238. Burger patties, steaks, eggs, cheese, bacon, lots of bacon, milk, ham, sausage, and an occasional salad seem to be working. I’ll give another update next month.

As always, stay safe, stay healthy, and God bless.

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