Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

So… after being alive for over half a century, and being grateful that I didn’t have back issues like people around, and younger than, me. My turn has arrived. It is amazing how quickly one can still learn new things, even at my age.

For instance, in the span of just two days I have learned, and will never forget, not to put anything I ever want to hold in my stubby little fingers again on the floor. If I do, it will lay there, out of reach taunting me. Much like the cord for charging my phone did for hours this morning until I figured out an alternate way to pick it up.

Also, don’t sit down, or stand up, unless you will be in that position for a while. It just isn’t worth it. I say this as I sit outside (the weather is beautiful) eyeing my empty tea glass and wondering when getting up to get some more tea will be worth it.

I have also learned that I always remove my eyeglasses with my left hand. Well, more honestly, I used to always remove my glasses with my left hand. Apparently, my back has suddenly decided I am not allowed to let my left hand approach my face anymore.

Follow this post for more great learning experiences so you can learn from my mistakes instead doing something stupid like thinking you can put some socks on like you used to.

Update 09.20.21

Back pain can make you feel child-like. How? When I got out of bed this morning, very slowly, I couldn’t even recall the last time in my life I was happy to put socks on without any help. Now? I can. It was today. How strange to feel satisfaction over such a small feat.

Update 10.05.21

In the last two weeks I’ve learned I have a torn meniscus and some alignment issues. It’s amazing to me how well our bodies are actually designed to work. A small thing gets slightly out of whack and it leads to so many other, unrelated (to the untrained eye) issues. I’ve been to a chiropractor and have already noticed some improvement. So much better to be able to move slowly, and have little pain, than experience it all day long no matter what. I’m sure I look funny to anyone who happens to be watching though.

Update 10.18.21

Thank The Good Lord! Most of my back pain has subsided. I still have moments where I wince and am reminded sharply, “Don’t do that!” But, mostly, as long as I move deliberately I can get by without many issues.

The past two months has given me new sympathy for those with chronic back pain issues. It is so debilitating to your routine and I never fully appreciated it. I’ve known a few folks over the years with long-term back issues and have a new respect for them pushing through their pain as they did.

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