Sun. May 26th, 2024

The church is infected. The infection is an ideology based in Marxist thought that fundamentally opposed to the all-sufficient, saving work of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Like most things infected, it starts stinking if left untreated. Unbeknownst to me, the infection has been going on for years and the stench of it finally caught my attention.

It goes by many names: critical race theory, social justice, social gospel, far-left orthodoxy, etc. It’s all the same stuff and uses the same special vocabulary. When you repeatedly hear terms like whiteness, white privilege, systemic racism, woke, and other similar phrases,  you are witnessing the infection. Bear in mind, I’m speaking of it in the church. Obviously, we should not expect those outside the family of God to adhere to God’s truths since they remain in rebellion. It appears some of the church’s “leaders” are in rebellion as well. There is something systemic, and it is this demonic doctrine.

I’ve spent much of my free time for the last couple of months studying on this. It’s dizzying, disturbing, dangerous. Dizzying because its proponents use amazing communicative gymnastics to say what they are saying without saying it. Disturbing because it is so twisted. Dangerous because it has so embedded itself in the church.

Rooting it out requires that we understand what we are looking at/for. Like I said earlier, they don’t speak clearly because they can’t. If they did, they would out themselves instantly.

I came across this video. While it just scratches the surface in the hour it takes to watch it, this is probably one of the best places I’ve seen the problems this ideology presents when it is blended with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Very good info in the video description as well.

I recommend this video.

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