Sun. May 26th, 2024

Greek word for the week, ep-ee-i-kacé.

This word is Strong’s #1933 and means mild, gentle, moderation, or patient.

It is found in Philippians 4:5 where we as Christians are admonished to live in such a way that this is a trait we are known for. I read that verse and it made me wonder, how can I be sure if I am known for something?

I attended a co-workers memorial service the next day and listened to everything that was said about her. Those were the things she was known for.

I thought about whether or not at my funeral people would say “he was gentle and mild” and I’m not too sure they would. Would they for you?

May we who call ourselves be known for being mild, gentle, and patient. What a mark that would make, especially in today’s social environment.

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By Derek

Father of three. Married to my best friend. Follower of Jesus Christ. Love the outdoors.

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