Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

2020 has certainly turned out to be a bizarre year. Pandemic. Cities moving to eliminate law enforcement. Statutes. Mandatory mask orders. Division. I find some of these things bothersome.

What I’ve noticed that bothers me more than most anything else is a distinct lack of Christlikeness among some professed Christians.[ref]Have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus, Phillipians 2:5[/ref] I’ve noticed this among friends, among acquaintances, and among well-known figures I follow, but have never met. What is Christlikeness? Basically, being like Jesus.[ref][/ref] I am seeing less of that, especially considering the issue of masks. What have I been seeing?

Things like this- Folks with tons of followers on Twitter who claim Christ also referring to every person who wears a mask in public as fearful, complaint, sheep, even slaves who can’t think for themselves. My, what a joy it must be to be like God[ref]1 Samuel 16:7 & Psalms 44:21[/ref] and know every man’s heart! I had a very long post I was working on about this topic including lots of examples. I tend to do that when I feel passionate about something, and how people represent Jesus is something I get very passionate about.

This morning, this video popped up in my YouTube feed. So, I think I will let Todd talk about it while I work on some memes. Enjoy!

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