Sun. May 26th, 2024

I watched a Doug Wilson video reaction to a conversation between Matt Walsh and Joe Rogan the other day. It was a discussion about gay marriage and I noticed that they were talking past each other and Rogan’s repeated use of the same question or variations of it as an attack on Walsh’s position. They were talking past each other because Walsh was talking about marriage (the institution) and Rogan was talking about individual relationships. The question Rogan kept asking was, “How does that affect/hurt you?”

That just struck me as a really sloppy question and terrible reasoning. I’ve noticed it several times online and it’s been (so far) from people taking a left-leaning position. Is this the standard? They don’t really mean it anyway. How can you know this? Apply it to multiple situations.

You can use somewhat benign hypotheticals or obviously ridiculous ones. If you’re talking to someone who supports extensive welfare programs, though not on it themselves, ask them if they support ending it, after all, it won’t hurt them. Why should we lock up people who are murderers? If they choose to kill someone, but it isn’t the person you’re talking to, they should oppose homicide laws, because you know, it doesn’t hurt them. They obviously haven’t been murdered.

As Western Culture continues to splinter apart, people will attempt to cajole, con, or bully others into adopting, or at least accepting, their opposing worldview. Think well and pay attention.

Stay safe and stay healthy!

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By Derek

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