Sat. May 25th, 2024

How does the title of this post make you feel? Even knowing what I was going to write later in this post, it was uncomfortable to type those words out. It was inspired by a podcast in which I heard the phrase “The whole Gospel is really comedic…”

I was taken aback.

Are you uncomfortable? Insulted? Curious? Think about that for a second before continuing please.

I landed on this title after listening to a particular episode of the Naked Bible Podcast. This episode talks about the gospel as comedy and may not meet your expectations of that phrase. That’s especially true if you felt something negative when you read it.

I have always thought it important that we question why we think what we think, what others tell us, what we read, and well, pretty much everything. Somehow, I never applied that to my religious beliefs until a few years ago. Sure, I knew what the various preachers I’ve listened to said and how my denomination (or others) viewed particular issues. I took it all for granted until I started regularly reading my Bible, free of others traditions and views, and discovered things weren’t exactly as I’d been led to believe. I didn’t have any earth-shaking experiences or revelations, just a gentle change in the way Scripture.

Family and some friends know that I read/listen Dr. Michael Heiser quite a bit. I came across Heiser during that time I just mentioned. My first encounter with him was on his podcast and I’ve since listened to it regularly. One of the reasons I started listening is because he talked about things I’d never heard despite growing up in church. I was hesitant to listen too intently due to what he was saying but, he always went WAAAaaaay out of his way to make sure that listeners understand his completely normal views on God, the Trinity, Jesus, salvation, etc. All of his basics line up with what I believe and none of it has really changed anything I believe. It has however made the Bible make more sense, and given me a better understanding of why I believe what I believe.

Dr. Heiser has a couple of phrases he uses frequently. First, “If it’s weird, it’s important.” Second, “I’m not going to protect you from your Bible.” I’d recommend The Naked Bible Podcast to anyone wanting a better understanding of their faith.

Even if you’re not willing to listen, I’d ask that you consider why you believe what you do.

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