Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Tom Yeakley nails it. The church today seems to have lost its way. Not only is it easy to find outright false teachers masquerading as preachers of a prosperity gospel, the ones who deride them often turn around and preach a happiness gospel. Others preach a “we gotta change them gospel.” None of those are any good. Christ didn’t call us to be rich, happy, or to change others.

The world is in crisis today. It is not a political crisis, though it has political implications. It is not an economic crisis, though economics are effected. It is not a social crisis, though all levels of society are impacted. It is a spiritual crisis brought on by the people of God themselves. There is a spiritual poverty, a lack of vitality in the believer’s walk and talk that has led to mediocrity in the Christian world today.

The only thing I’d disagree with Tom about in this post is this:

What is needed today is a generation of young people who will decide to reach for the summit in the Christian life and settle for nothing less until they reach it.

I think we need the same thing from all Christians, young and old.

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