Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

I spend between seven and eight hours commuting each week. Over the past few years I’ve subscribed to twelve podcasts and several YouTube channels to make this time useful (I only listen to the YouTube videos). Several of these podcasts/channels I only open once in a while and scroll through to see if they have any interesting content headlines. Others get listened to when they put out a new one. Only twice have I found content so good that I go back and start listening to older content.

That’s how I cam to be listening to an episode of the Just Thinking Podcast titled “Big Bang” Racism from December 2017 on the drive to work this morning. Once again, Darrell and Virgil drop truth bombs with pinpoint accuracy. As usual, those bombs are dropped from Scripture.

If you haven’t listened to them before, do it. What you will find is a couple of believers who, once they start getting into the subject, start driving points home like an M240 driving lead downrange and, also like it, they are smoking hot before they’re finished.

Two of those points in this podcast hit me. One was regarding social justice and the gospel. As I said, they always turn to scripture. Now, too many times I hear “woke” preachers talking about “Jesus saves and all that BUT… if you want the full gospel you have to ________ (insert current favored social justice issue).” I’ve read Romans 1:16 many times but never has it been pointed out so clearly that God’s Word tells us exactly what the gospel is for: “…it is the power of God for salvation.” There are no bullet points or list of other things it is for. It is for salvation.

This episode also drives home some truth about how we need to see the church. This was done in taking something I’ve been looking at all my life and making me realize I’ve not really been truly seeing it. Or maybe just reminding me of something I’ve grown so used to that I’ve forgotten.

I told you there were two things in this podcast that really struck me. I told you about one. The other one is about an event recorded in the Bible that many of us have read, but maybe, like above, we’ve not really seen all of it. You’ll have to listen to find out though.

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