Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

I have never done a reaction video but the Just Thinking Podcast, Episode 106 made me think it was time to do one. But, I don’t have time to learn new Adobe After Effects Explosion FX. Why would I need to? Myself exploding at the knowledge being dropped in this Biblical Exposition of Unity would be the only appropriate video!

This video is 2.5 hours long. There’s a reason for that. My mind was blown by this deep-dive into what Biblical Unity really is. Darrell Harrison and Virgil Walker bring it and this was eye opening.

Yes, the title of this blog is relevant to the podcast and YES! You will not regret taking the time to listen to this. I’m on my second listen right now.

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By Derek

Father of three. Married to my best friend. Follower of Jesus Christ. Love the outdoors.

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