Sat. May 25th, 2024

If you haven’t heard of Dr. Michael Heiser, or his Naked Bible Podcast, then I’d urge you to correct that. 😁 Dr. Heiser is an expert in ancient languages. I’ve always heard that we need to read the Bible in context, he points out that we need to read it out in proper context which isn’t the context of a 21st Century, Western Christian.

Not too long ago while reading through Deuteronomy, I was a bit perplexed by why the Israelites were instructed to build an altar out of unhewn stone. I had wondered if maybe it had something to do with using prohibited technology. It didn’t.

How do I know that? I wrote Dr. Heiser a question, and it was answered in a recent episode of his podcast. I thought it was so considerate of him to give his time to help me understand this passage of the Bible. He has a saying along the lines of, “If something in the Bible is weird, it’s important.”

If you, like me, routinely commute, I’d encourage that you give this podcast a listen with an open mind. I guarantee you I have not found anything he says yet that violates scripture, but he has sure pointed out that I’ve had the wrong view of some things.

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