Sun. May 26th, 2024

I’ve been a little hesitant to post this as I take scripture seriously and approach it with respect. However, this just came out of my mouth the other day while having a conversation, and it keeps coming back to me.

I personally make a point of not sharing those social media posts that say basically, “If you don’t share this you don’t love Jesus” because I’m not going to be manipulated, and I’m pretty sure that’s not a standard we’ll be held to.

Right now, politics seems to have divided Christianity. And, I’m not saying that it is without good reason. I can easily say that one party’s platform easily is more in line with my beliefs. But, I’ve seen folks indicate that if you vote for Trump, your vote will lead to eternal destruction for people and nations. Likewise, I’ve seen some state that voting Democrat means you aren’t Christian. That said, I’ve noticed some things that make me wonder if some want to syncretize political platforms with Christianity. Weird.

Finally, I know memes are a thing of our day. Done right, they get a point across quickly and effectively. Poorly done, they either leave you scratching your head in wonder or mislead people with funny but incorrect information. I’ve had plenty of “religious” memes that leave me thinking the creator needs to work on their theology a bit.

I pray that as we continue through tumultuous times that, my brothers and sisters in Christ (including myself), we will leave behind that which is past and press on toward that which is ahead and press on to reach the goal and receive that Heavenly prize in Jesus Christ[ref]Philippians 3:14[/ref].

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By Derek

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